At CFTS we believe a great Broker is only great if they add value to the process. Value is defined by trust. One feeds the other. That's why at CFTS we embrace them both. The whole point of working with a broker is to leverage our knowledge to create a seamless supply chain for your business. That's the thinking we built our business on and we’re happy we did.



Our back story is what made us who we are. CFTS started in 2005 with the acquisition of a small brokerage in eastern Oregon that was established back in 1985.  A few years later we moved to Portland, and made it our focus to only hire the brightest and the best talent in the industry. As we grew we realized that there were very few brokerages that specialized in refrigerated freight and even fewer of them that were any good at it.


Front story

Now CFTS is a leading reefer only 3PL of temperature controlled transportation in the US & Canada specializing in perishable distribution via OTR and Rail. We have an eclectic group of professionals providing outstanding customer service, shepherding successful companies with logistic options that no other companies can offer. If the market presents the business world with a need, we learn it and become experts. It's a simple business model that has served our clients well for the last decade.


What Makes us Different

If you need 24/7 access to your shipment status and late pickups and deliveries are not an option, we want in. If you need the expertise of a brokerage that only handles refrigerated product, that’s us. If you demand to work with a company that has the best insurance in the industry, you’ve come to the right place. We're excited to learn more about your specific shipping needs, but while we wait for your call here are some examples of logistic options that separate us from the rest of the pack.



Yes, service is one of our services. Our knowledgeable crew sets us apart from non-specialized logistic companies. 
Not only is each one of our employees trained specifically in temp controlled freight management, but all of our 3000 quality carriers we regularly work with, are qualified in taking pulp temperatures, proper securing of loads, visual inspection techniques, temperature and trailer requirements and more. This allows us to handle issues before they happen on the front end so they don't end up being a pain in your back end.


Temp Controlled Rail

We have been at the forefront of this mode of transportation and have become the industry leader. Our refrigerated intermodal carriers not only offer our clients the same dimensions and loading capacity as a 53 ft. refer, they also provide guaranteed capacity, guaranteed time in transit, and yes - year long rates. Say goodbye to truck break downs or delays due to driver's hours & weather conditions. Also, as an added benefit they also use less fuel and have a smaller carbon footprint than an OTR truck.


Refrigerated LTL

You have probably heard the rumors about it but you've never seen it. Well look no further. We have tracked down hundreds of the best refrigerated LTL providers in the US & Canada and added them to our network to service our client's needs. Our network of carriers has not only reduced the cost of LTL to our clients but has also improved on time pickup and delivery of shipments for them as well.


Refrigerated Over The Road

If you've read this far, it's likely because you're not that happy with your current transportation provider.  Maybe they have dropped a few loads on you.  Maybe they have used the fabled "blown turbo" excuse. It's probably not that they are all that bad at what they do, it's just more likely that they are not very good at it.  Most brokers and 3PL companies take every load that comes their way, be it reefer, dry van, flatbed, mule train or whatever. We don't.  When you focus on one thing you tend to get really good at it and hopefully that's why you're here.  Give us a call and we promise to do our best to gain your business.


We look forward to hearing from you.



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